The NEW opportunity


People's place of living has always been determined by their need for better living conditions. At the very beginning of human civilization, people lived in settlements up to a maximum of 300 people. At that time, there was no need for protection from other people, because they simply did not attack each other. A little later, with the development of human systems, a portion of these (more efficient) groups of people began to accumulate wealth and store surplus, which tempted those who lacked wealth and fortune. The tempted decide to obtain the goods through robbery.

After several successful raids, the wealth-producers began to consolidate in larger stone settlements in order to preserve their lives and their wealth. The construction of the fortress walls was difficult and for this reason, the city was being constructed very densely and there was an aspiration for taller buildings. It is important to know that, since the beginning of human history, cities have reduced their population (through high mortality, lower birth rates and mental stress).

The next step in urban development is during the development of the printed book. For a certain period, some of these cities became centers of intelligence because their size do not allow people to have a community, and therefore people with different ideas cannot be ridiculed (something that happened in villages and small towns because of misunderstanding of new ideas) .

During this period, the city became the center of the intelligence, but continued to act in the same way to the people - reducing the population, creating preconditions for devastating epidemics and disturbing the psyche of the people living there. It is important to know that at certain times more than 95% of the population of cities in Europe have died from epidemics. The reason is one - the density of people in one place causes various diseases that are not found in rural communities, where the density is lower. The spread of contagion in large cities is lightning-fast, with no possibility of hiding for any individual. The next moment is the technological revolution, which results in a large percentage of the population left without sustenance.

In 1800, 98% of the population engaged in agriculture (due to the more primitive means of cultivation), while today only 2% of the population is engaged in agriculture (machinery, pesticides, GMOs and others contribute to the enormous production of food from few people). The liberated labor force is directed to cities and retrained for industrial production. The technical revolution has also led to a number of improvements to urban life, such as sewage, running water, much better hygiene, vaccination, better treatment practices, the development of medical services, and others that have increased the number of people living in the city .

Unfortunately, filling cities with industrial workers begins to demand that the cities change to meet the needs of entertainment, nutrition and education (industrial workers are educated differently from the intellectuals. They must be taught to obey and learn reflex activities). For this reason, schools and universities are designed for the same type of people, establishments, shops and entertainment as well.

The city ceases to be a hub for intelligence and becomes a hub for mediocrity. Again, despite all the innovations, the city limits its population for a variety of reasons. The reason for urban growth is the influx of villages in search of industrial jobs (or software programming today). The advancement of technology and medicine cannot permanently suppress people's inability to live in such densities, and this leads to the emergence of new pandemics that will once again destroy up to 90% of the urban population.

In addition to the pandemics, urban life also causes many other problems for those living there. Both human and animal populations have similar needs with high cohabitation densities. Rabbits experience impotence, infertility, they start to feed on their faeces, their immunity decreases, diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, anxiety, and a constant onset of new diseases are observed.

In addition to pigs, self-harm and cannibalism are observed, and cows enter a mode of licking objects to death. Chickens develop tremendous anxiety, which is transmitted to everyone at the chickpea. They start screaming, flying, and crashing into each other, eventually collapsing into a corner and they stay still very scared.

This is repeated every time the pressure is transmitted indefinitely. Zoo-psychiatrists appear, different medications are being tested, and there are many attempts to change the habits of animals, leading to the loss of entire populations.

We see the same symptoms in people in cities. Mental disorders in humans are increasing dramatically, diseases such as burnout, autoimmune diseases and weakening of immunity are increasing at a high rate. Cancer, heart attack, stroke and many other serious illnesses are affecting more and more people of all ages. Attempts at vaccines, prevention, various ways to relieve tension, such as football, television, shopping malls, concerts, and the like, have failed.

The advent of mass therapies, such as those led by humans such as Anthony Robins, Grant Cardone and others, is also rapidly losing its effectiveness. More and more people are changing religions, looking for the answer to their anxiety there. Fans of new teachings of peace and harmony are growing, but this is also quickly losing its soothing effect.

The desire for reproduction in the people of the city is sharply reduced, as is their real opportunity for creating a generation. The number of homosexuals and all kinds of sexuality is growing dramatically, in their desire to find a way out of the situation. The use of drugs, cigarettes, steroid complexes and alcohol is on the rise. Despite their perceived problems, it is the people's choice to use them only and to dampen their sense of anxiety and meaninglessness.

Modern cities have long ceased to be the center of the intellectuals, and we can say that they reduce the level of living in them instead of improving it. Moreover, global social networks have made the world a large village and it is impossible to be hidden in any part of the world where they are used. This stops making the city a place again where we can hide from the crowd and discover new worlds. It is the high density settlements that make the people most inert and following the crowd.

Coronavirus is a new phenomenon for the modern world, but it will not be the last. All these factors lead to an escalation of new pandemics, declines in immunity and destruction of human bodies and souls.The one living in the city have no chance of getting away with the pandemic because they are dependent on food, water, services and a normal place to move from the created urban unit.

In case of pandemics, wars and all kinds of disasters, it is the urban population that will be eradicated in a very short time. The chaos will take more casualties than the events themselves. When people feel threatened, they act without thinking about the common, and think only of themselves, even at the cost of the lives of everyone else. We can see the stupidity of whole groups of people shopping and clustering together, considering it is vital for them not to.

The role of the city in our life has reached its peak and will gradually lose its significance. The future is in a new type of settlements that will play two roles - to help the damaged urban people regenerate themselves and create perfect conditions for a happy and fulfilling life for people to live in.

The first role is short-term (the short-term role in the current situation is about 100 years), and the second role is long-term (in the coming centuries).

Everyone who invests in modern cities has doomed their investment. The great opportunity for investment and development is in the new types of settlements and rehabilitation places for people. After the coronavirus, people will need recovery. Long time indoors and stress will make them thirsty to find where to recharge with energy and a desire to live.

Whoever is prepared at this moment will control the economy and finances in the new reality. We are already working hard in this direction and are looking for like-minded people to finish what we have started. Each era gives the people who live in it just one incredible opportunity. This is the opportunity of our time. Will you miss it, or will you join?

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