The Bulgarian Revolution

Looking back, we can see that people most easily betray their appearance and their soul for money. Therefore, in order to change the world and our destiny, we first need to change the model of creating and managing money.

Human history knows many revolutions that broke out at different times. Unfortunately, their original idea was placed under the control of well-organized classes. They managed to use the positive effects of the revolutions to their advantage. By applying their knowledge of group human thinking, these organizations are able to put the yoke on people again - the real engine of change.

Wonderful ideas, many human efforts and sacrifices become a tool that benefits a limited group of individuals. These individuals take advantage of the common man, they do not seek to elevate him. It always takes a lot of energy to ignite a revolution. Once people believe in the idea, they get excited and start living in another reality. Every day they become full of enthusiasm, energy and dreams for the future. They are very productive, help each other and act with great energy and strength.

After a while people see that the dream they fought for disappears, the fire of the revolution gradually goes out. The same state of apathy as before reigns.

With each disappointment, the energy of the masses for the next rise decreases, and the belief that something good for society can happen, and not just for a small group of chosen people, is lost.

What are the mistakes that have been made so far in all revolutions?

Very simply, to make things easier, the organizers of change always turn to rich people for funding. This is the key to the failure of all revolutions that have erupted so far. You cannot change anything if you include in it those who benefit from keeping the world the same, as order and structure.

Rich people have knowledge of some things that the poor do not have. They never share it with the masses. Doing so means giving up the competitive advantage they have over others. The strong of the day know that in order to make a change, you have to have an organization. They create organizations in which they harness unscrupulous persons, but with great skills that can manipulate and direct people in the direction they want. They use people's love for the narcotic effect caused by the benefits of money. In this way, they manage to buy the souls of a few to control the rest.

The basis for the failure of revolutions is the desire to make it easier for us by providing the necessary means for them. That is why we allow the intervention of such rich people, believing that with their help we will achieve the coveted change. Postulates such as "The end justifies the means" and "Nothing personal, just business" make us believe that the decisions we make at such a time are right.

The truth is different. We cannot build a new future on old foundations. If we want real, long-term change, we must make the revolution without the participation of rich people. Successful change is built only by individuals who do not benefit from the old system. This is difficult to happen because it automatically means making a really huge effort. In practice, the order that has existed since the very beginning of human society must be changed.

It takes a group of people to believe in something that has never happened before. They must reject the paid conclusions of a number of scientists who are trying to convince us that we humans are like that, and we must first fight those we want to liberate.

One of the biggest misconceptions of us ordinary people is that we can't do great things. We believe that there are super-people who are capable of achieving everything. That's why we go to their banks, buy shares of their companies, choose them to rule us. We ask them if our ideas are good, if they will be willing to finance us and implement them for us. We believe that our purpose is to perform, not to create. For this reason, we tolerate a life that we do not like.

How do we know if we really don't like life? Or do we like it, but we don't know that we like it, because we are often told that we live in the best time in human history?

Quite simple. It is enough to stop and look at the people around us. Are they closer to God or closer to beasts? And then we will understand the answer.

Never before has human society been so degraded despite its technological advances. We have food, but what do we use it for? We have technology, but what is it used for? The result shows that the world has increased its speed, but is headed in the wrong direction for us. The only chance to get out of this situation is to change our beliefs and the system in which we live. It is easy in words, but it is very difficult in deeds.

In order to change something, we have to fight with people whose power has grown infinitely thanks to the technologies they have acquired. If before it took a huge force to change the system, now it takes 10 times more effort, because of the existing powerful technological system for manipulating society.

The question arises, if a change is made, where to start? Looking back, we can see that people most easily betray their appearance and their soul for money. Therefore, in order to change the world and our destiny, we first need to change the model of creating and managing money.

Years ago I read the legend of Prometheus, who brought fire to people. In one act, he changed their lives forever. I believe that if people can be given the strength to create everything they want and not have financial dependence on certain institutions and individuals, then the world will change for the better forever. This will not solve all people's problems, but it will be a big step forward in this direction.

This is where the Bulgarian revolution comes in. For the first time in the world, a project created and supported entirely by ordinary people will be launched. Its realization is impossible even for very rich and powerful individuals. All this is happening not somewhere else, but in Bulgaria, created and made by Bulgarians.

This is a significant event, after which there is no going back. People around the world will learn that when someone has an idea that can change the life of their society and even the world, there is a way to achieve it. There will be no need to give power to the rich or the ones that govern. From today on, everyone with an idea will know what the way is for it to be realized. In this way, its destiny will be placed solely in his hands.

The project that has already happened is "Historical Park". Created and realized only by ordinary Bulgarians, it is unique in its scope, and its scale is frightening even for the great European and world organizations and the rich.

The need for a lot of funds, the long time for implementation, the need for highly qualified specialists and organizational skills made everyone skeptical about the possibility of a Historical Park to happen. To be realized in the way it was implemented was considered absolutely impossible. Many people liked the project, but were frightened by the strong shouts of others that it could not be fulfilled, that everything was another strong talk without results. Those who distrusted the Historical Park were joined by "experts" who delved into the past. They explained that many times there were such promises, but in the end nothing happened and advised people to run away from the project like the devil from incense. The lack of support from the state, funds from EU programs and the participation of big businessmen was even more discouraging for the society. To all this, if we add that something like this had never happened anywhere in the world, the probability of the project being completed was close to zero.

Despite all these things, "Historical Park" was realized and launched successfully. On June 22, 2019, the first part of the project opens its doors. Its implementation is a world record in the field of design, fundraising and the creation of a large project, bringing an absolute change to the existing model.

Like Prometheus, we Bulgarians gave the fire into the hands of the people. How they use it now depends on them.

From June 22, 2019, the world will not be the same thanks to the Bulgarians.

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