Story of Ivelin Mihaylov



My name is Ivelin Lyudmilov Mihailov ( 
I was born in August 1977. in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa, Veliko Tarnovo region, Bulgaria. I finished my primary education at the 1st Ivan Vazov Primary School. 

Growing up, I realized how bad it is to watch your loved ones suffer because of financial problems, and I believed that one day I would do something to find a solution to the financial problems and live a life different from theirs.

In 1996, I completed my secondary education at the College of Electrical Engineering with a degree in industrial electronics. Choosing electronics for my high school education, I learned that I need to think more wisely about my steps for the future.

A year later, in 1997, I joined the Bulgarian army as a telegraph liaison, where I realized how awful it is to have no choice. From 1997 to 2003 I studied business management at the University of Economics in Varna. During my student years, I tried to start several businesses. Some of them were very successful, but without perspective, others got me bankrupt.

Then I got my hands on the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, which radically changed my life and helped me believe that despite my debts, I could succeed.

As circumstances progressed, I discovered my calling - to be an insurance consultant to help people insure themselves and their property, giving them competence and care. That's how my career started. In the beginning of 2003 I started working as a life insurance consultant at Eurolife, where I worked until February 2008.

During my time there, I strived to be the best version of myself and the best insurance consultant for my clients, and my efforts did not go unrewarded. Thanks to them, I won the Peugeot 307 car award as the best consultant for the first half of 2006, and at the end of the year I won the award for "Best consultant in the entire European holding" Eurolife "fifth level".

In 2007 I became sales director at Eurolife Bulgaria. Subsequently, the company stopped growing and developing itself. I saw that customers could receive even better service and then, in early 2008 “Together Bulgaria” was born.

As the main ideologist of Together Ltd ( ), the company continues to develop and maintain its original idea - to take care of both customers and employees, educating each of them.

With my desire to unite management, finance, marketing, law and accounting in one, on
November 27th 2007  I founded "300 Ltd.", known to all as Together Academy

The main goal of Together Academy is to help small and medium-sized businesses to acquire expert knowledge to be more successful entrepreneurs, developing themselves and Bulgaria, thanks to seminars, specialized literature and more.

Founder and ideologist of the YouTube channel "Together Bulgaria”
(, in which the information shared from personal experience is completely free and accessible to anyone interested in finance, success, independence, own business, etc. The platform develops and grows the community of active and fighting for their dreams people. It inspires everyone to achieve their goals through their own efforts and constant action.

Ideologist of the Vazdigane (Ascension) Foundation ( , which is a union of active people working in the direction - improvement of our country, improvement of the environment, building habits such as: fighting spirit, patriotism, cohesion and love for knowledge in young Bulgarians.

To date, this is the largest organization in Bulgaria, which unites the efforts of many like-minded people who do good deeds only on the basis of their own efforts and energy without external funding and without paying employees in the organization.

Ideologist and Chief Executive Officer of Historical Park JSC from October 23rd 2013. ( A project that helps Bulgaria become a leading country in cultural tourism. A project aimed at both the domestic and foreign markets, helping people in Bulgaria to increase their self-esteem, learn more about themselves, their ancestors and mission.

The park is aimed at foreign tourists, who thanks to it will learn about Bulgaria's contribution to world culture and development, thus, in addition to satisfaction from visiting the park, will feel respect and esteem for Bulgaria as a country, Bulgarians as a people and every Bulgarian as a representative of this great culture.

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