Economic slavery

Support local investments and, if possible, participate in them. The free man is only the one who creates the economy, not the one who simply works in it.
In recent days, many people have asked me what I think about the statement of the Turkish ambassador that more Turkish should be taught in Bulgaria. That's why I went on the Internet to search and read more about the case. From the information gathered, I learned that he allowed himself these words in connection with the opening of a new Turkish plant in Kardzhali. Many people were outraged by the statement and asked the Bulgarian government to take action. Others told me that, unfortunately, we did not have a large army to protect us. Even more were those who mentioned that they hoped Russia would not abandon us completely. It strikes me that none of the people I spoke to understand the mechanisms by which the world moves. Whenever it comes to us Bulgarians, absolutely everyone prays for someone outside to help us. Nobody believes that we can and should do something ourselves. There is one truth we need to understand - NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE CARE OF US. All countries that have ever helped Bulgaria have done so in their interest, not ours. There are cases when certain directions in which we moved coincided, but this was only for the moment. If we do not take matters into our own hands, then in the next moment we are just as losing as we were before the common interest sparkled. Whenever someone else takes care of us, he does so in order to benefit himself and achieve his economic interests. Many people say to themselves it’s better that the EU or the US instead of Russia or Turkey help, because they are democratic and will give us, not take from us. The truth is that a slave is a slave. Everyone who invests in Bulgaria does so by thinking only of themselves and their benefits, and we lose a lot from that. I know that most people want to have a higher standard NOW and that is why they are ready to sell their freedom and their future. Unfortunately, they will then have to pay the price in triple.

When investing in a foreign country or company, several things are of interest. First, to secure new markets in a country to sell their products. Second, to pollute nature elsewhere and the negative effect to affect other people, not hers. Third, to exploit the population now without taking care of it afterwards. When a person is young and able to work, he contributes to production, but then comes a time when he grows old and someone has to take care of him. Thus, ensuring the future of the elderly and the sick remains in the hands of the country in which the production takes place.

In this way, the profit from the person is for the investor, and his loss is at the expense of his community. The current, temporary solution leads to tomorrow's huge, unsolvable problem.

Fourth, the foreign investor uses the resources of the country in which he invests - electricity, people, water, education and minerals. What it gives is only wages, which are always much less than it takes to pay the damage it does. In fact, the biggest insults to Bulgaria are foreign investments and the lack of domestic ones. Every country exists to ensure that the people living in it are united, stronger together and have greater opportunities.

Coincidentally, we have a gift - a wonderful country, nice and smart people, still well-developed education systems, health care.

But many of us still have no clarity about what is good for us and what is not.

The more Turkish companies invest in Bulgaria, the more Turkish will be learned and used by the people who work there. One such example is employees working in the IT field. They speak better English than Bulgarian. No matter how much we grumble, we have given our consent to lose our freedom by accepting foreign investments and giving up the right to make our own. It is clear that big business in Bulgaria in most cases is worse than foreign, but there are no obstacles for ordinary people to associate, unite and invest in their own future. Thus, in addition to the money we will receive as a salary, we will be able to direct the benefits of the company's profits to improve the welfare of our country. The benefits for us will be that we will always hold our destiny in our hands, we will have an interesting present and future, in difficult moments we will be able to rely on work done in the past and on prepared and dedicated people with whom to overcome the difficulties in the present. We will also have the knowledge and willingness to make decisions to make our future wonderful.

Economic slavery leads to even more severe slavery, so don't let that happen. Support local investments and, if possible, participate in them. The free man is only the one who creates the economy, not the one who simply works in it.

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